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Jackson State University '17
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S/o to my bro doing her thang! 😌💰💰 and s/o to the #h23d! I&#8217;m just outchea trynna make it y&#8217;all lol.
September 17th 2014. Hey today is my favorite photographers&#8217; birthday. I wanna thank God for blessing her with another year. This is one of my favorite pics that she took of me. This pic says a lot too. Love you Ms. Joyce!! 😎💯🎈🎉🎉🎉🎈 #SonicBoomoftheSouth
I hate Round Rock High School sooooo bad 😩 but I had so much school pride as you can see 😌 #TimeHop
3 years ago from Thursday 😋 . Prolly would&#8217;ve been a Good pic for #tbt 💁#TimeHop
Earlier this morning. I had a lil photo shoot on the plaza. #5AMshit #jsu17 The sky was defiantly beautiful tho 💯😎
Sounds about right 😌 Add me tho: @kjonnboogie
😍😍😍😍 guess whooooooooo?!
#tbt when I first moved in Campbell wit my bad ass. I ain&#8217;t wanna post this cuz I thought I was gone get in trouble lol 😏
#Recap from last night with my Lb Tai&#8217; 😍😎😁 #RUAFx3
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